Cyprus - where to relax youth?
Resort paradise in the abundance of bright sun, endless blue sky - all this is about Cyprus. For the right to possession of the island was conducted a lot of…

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Parks in America are real national pride. These are natural places with mountainous, desert, rocky, forest landscapes scattered throughout the country. And each of them is unique and impressive! What…


Egypt is one of the most ancient civilizations. And even today we still do not know everything about the secrets of the great Sphinx and ancient Egyptian treasures, and scientists…

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Neskuchny Cyprus. 7 tips on how to take everything from vacation

Every year, hundreds of thousands of Russian tourists tend to organize their holidays in Cyprus. This is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations for our compatriots …
Neskuchny Cyprus. 7 tips on how to take everything from vacation
Cyprus is actually an amazing and unforgettable place. We have prepared for you a selection of tips, where to go and what to do on vacation on the island, so that your vacation was as complete and rich as possible. Continue reading

Top 5 most interesting tourist destinations in Armenia

So, you decided to spend your vacation in Armenia! What to do if, besides exploring museums and sights, you just want to relax and fully enjoy the beauty of Armenian nature? Which region of the country to choose in order to provide for themselves and their loved ones a good rest and leave with a maximum of positive impressions? In this article you will find answers to all these questions, as well as many more useful information!
Armenia is waiting for a visit! Continue reading

Holiday in Russia: 10 popular summer holiday destinations

Holiday in Russia: 10 popular summer holiday destinations
Those readers whose holiday plans are associated with recreation in domestic resorts, we will tell you about the 10 most popular summer holiday destinations in Russia
1. Greater Sochi
Sochi and its satellite resorts (Khosta, Matsesta, Adler, Dagomys, and others) have been the most popular tourist destination in Russia for many years. The mild subtropical climate, magnificent nature and 145 kilometers of the sunny Black Sea beach of Big Sochi have long attracted hundreds of thousands of Russians in the summer, although in recent years many have been hindered by the high cost of trips. This season, according to the Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR), the cost of a weekly rest (including flight) for two has grown here by about 5,000 rubles, but Big Sochi, according to ATOR, remains the most accessible beach resort for Russians. Continue reading

Sea of Azov

Much has been written about the rest on the Sea of ​​Azov, its advantages and disadvantages are described in detail …
The Sea of ​​Azov: ten interesting and little-known facts
However, about this very sea of ​​information, besides addressed to specialists, there is little surprise in the network. And this is despite the fact that the Sea of ​​Azov is in many ways unusual, scientists believe that it was formed as a result of a global natural disaster around 5600 BC. e., that is, in historical times. We have tried in this article to eliminate some gaps in the knowledge of tourists who are happy to relax in the resorts of the warm and sunny Azov coast, and here we provide little-known information about the Sea of ​​Azov. Continue reading

7 useful applications for independent tourists

Every year, software developers are releasing more and more applications for smartphones that will help travelers navigate in unfamiliar cities, create optimal routes and save on transport and guides …
7 useful applications for independent tourists
To make the trip as comfortable as possible and save yourself from unnecessary difficulties, install 7 free applications from the App Store or Play Market. Continue reading

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