Sea of Azov
Much has been written about the rest on the Sea of ​​Azov, its advantages and disadvantages are described in detail ... The Sea of ​​Azov: ten interesting and little-known facts…

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How to avoid travel theft.
Travel resources contain many stories about thefts in different cities and countries, which scares off potential tourists. However, there are different ways to maximize protect yourself and save money and…


Holiday in Russia: 10 popular summer holiday destinations
Holiday in Russia: 10 popular summer holiday destinations Those readers whose holiday plans are associated with recreation in domestic resorts, we will tell you about the 10 most popular summer…

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Greece is a country of legends, olives and sun. The light and friendly nature of the Greek people creates an atmosphere in which you want to relax, travel and gain new bright emotions. When I chose a place for my vacation, my choice fell on the Peloponnese, the area of ​​Corinth and Loutraki. The friendly staff of the AvesTrevel agency kindly prepared for us a map of the places that you should definitely see and which became very useful during our trip.
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Thailand – a paradise on earth, the country of coconuts, warm sea and palm trees.
A place that has many beautiful islands and one of them is Koh Chang Island. This is one of the largest islands of this country. The island can be reached by ferry, which makes the road from the airport even more interesting and allows you to feel the color and atmosphere of the country.
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The Indian state of Goa, miniature in size, is comfortably located on the coast of the Arabian Sea and is a place of pilgrimage for all kinds of people: from hippies to oligarchs. This place is not just a fashionable resort with magnificent beaches and a mass of diverse entertainment, but also the most interesting objects of world historical and cultural heritage. Beach holidays, windsurfing, diving, shopping, exploring various currents of religions, Ayurveda, mind-expanding meditations – all this you will find in the state of Goa. And countless local attractions (natural sites, reserves, temples) will allow you to fully feel the spirit of Goa. Continue reading


“The country of the free” Thailand attracts, first of all, the soft-warm year-round weather, the same sea, wonderful sandy beaches, a very beautiful sea coast with gentle warm sand. Here are also famous Thai masseuses, and wonderful local cuisine, and funny carnivals, and much more.
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